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14694 Orchard Parkway #1200 
Westminster CO 80023


Leanna Organics is the result of co-owner Tracy’s passion for natural health and beauty, coalescing with co-owner and husband Scott’s love of the hemp plant. 
Our CBD products are handcrafted with love and organic ingredients and infused with the highest quality CBD extracts Colorado has to offer.
We seek to create accessible, non-addictive, plant-based beauty and wellness solutions for everyone.



2319 4th Ave N
Billings, MT 59101


At Rock Creek Soaps, we are a women-owned, family business that believes in doing what’s good – for our customers, our community, and our environment. From our processes to our products, we’ve designed our company to care for people – body and soul. Each of our products – soaps, bath & shower tablets, balms and lotions – are handcrafted in Montana with all-natural ingredients. We guarantee that each and every product we make is sulfate- , paraben- , phthalate- and cruelty-free with packaging that is 100% recyclable and, in many cases, even
compostable. As a purpose-driven company, we partner with local nonprofits to offer employment opportunities to women – including survivors of trafficking and abuse – who need a fresh start. Every product purchase helps us to bring even more good into the world, and we’re honored that you would choose to join us on that journey!

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Throughout my life I was constantly being shamed as to why I never measured up to random people or why I wasn't like all my friends. Why my friends were better than me; physically, personality wise, etc. It was a constant noise all around, most of it from someone who should have been one of my biggest supporters, uplifters, guardians, etc. So the amount of emotional damage and feelings of physical inadequacy left me to believe that I would never find someone who appreciated me for who I am or my body the way it was and I became severely self critical and constantly self sabotaged my mindset. I want to be a person who changes women's mindsets and starts them on a journey that says f*ck society, screw your "standards", etc and go on living life with the utmost confidence. Boudoir helps women feel beautiful and start them on the journey to self acceptance.

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Here at Simply Chic Nail Studio and Spa. We are all about women empowering women.

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