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2022 Nail Trend

Throw back to 2022 nail trends

One of the biggest nail trends we all saw in 2022 was chrome nails. Don"t know what they are don't worry I am here to tell you. Hailey Bieber is a huge name in the beauty world and trend setter I mean just look at how absolutely stunning she is. She swept the nail world away when went to her go to nail artist Zola Ganzorigt. This chrome manicure was absolutely stunning and it was Zola's first her first time creating it she states in an interview she did with I bet she had no idea how it would influence other artists to want to recreate this look for their clients.

Zola Ganzorigt shows us exactly how she created this viral chrome nail look she has dubbed "Glazed Donut Nails" Check out her tutorial out on TikTok .

Above picture from Zola Ganzorigt via Tiktok

She states that you will first apply a base coat cure for 60 seconds. Then apply a soft white gel color, she used one coat of "funny bunny" by OPI cure that for 60 seconds. Then applied a top coat she cure for 60 seconds and then wipe it with alcohol (this is to remove any sticky reside). Then she used a white chrome powder she used OPI chrome effect in "thin man can", and then finished off with OPI stay shiny top coat.

Lets try to recreate this look using CND Shellac

I recreated this nail look using CND products.